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Configure Android Enterprise

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For many Android devices1 (from version 5.0), you can create a certificate and profile-based MDM. You can find a list of all the supported devices via the following link.

Before you can take advantage of its features, a few operations need to be carried out. You must first decide whether you want to use Google Accounts or Managed Google Play Accounts. We recommend the latter, as they can be configured far more quickly and easily. With Managed Google Play Accounts you can manage your users’ devices and their apps (see the section Using Managed Google Play Accounts).

However, if G Suite3 (from Google Cloud) is used in your company, meaning that each user has a Google account (with corporate domain), then Google Accounts must be selected (see the section Using Google Accounts).

If you already have Android Enterprise (formerly Android for Work) on your Cortado server, then you are already using Google Accounts and you don’t need to make any further additions or changes to the settings. It is not necessary to switch to Managed Google Play Accounts.

And you will need certficates for MDM identifikation.

Mobile Device Management with Cortado and SCEP server

Mobile Device Management with Cortado and SCEP server

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