Cortado MDM – User Guide

Knox Container for Samsung

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To configure your Samsung device with Samsung MDM, you need the firmware Android OS 6 or later.

Note! Make sure that the power saving mode of the device is not turned on during installation.

Step 1

  • Open the First Steps Wizard (left illus.).
  • In Step 1 select the option Samsung Knox (right illus.).
open First Steps Wizard and select Samsung MDM

open First Steps Wizard and select Samsung Knox

Step 2

  • To download the securitiy certificate, tap Download (arrow in left illus.).
  • Then enter a name for the certificate (arrow in right illus.) and confirm with OK.
download security certificate

download security certificate

  • After successful installation of the certificate tap Next (left illus.).

Step 3

  • Tap on Download (arrow in left illus.). You will be automatically forwarded to the app Cortado Knox Agent in the Google Play Store.
  • To install the app, tap Install (arrow in right illus.).
install Cortado Knox Agent

install Cortado Knox Agent

  • After successful installation of the app tap in the First Steps Wizard→ Next (left illus.).

Step 4

  • Tap on MDM Profile (arrow in left illus.).
  • Open with Cortado Knox Agent to complete the action.
  • In the next window, tap on Activate (arrow in right illus.).
install MDM profile

install MDM profile and activate device admin

Note! Please note that you have to activate the Cortado Device Admin. Oth­erwise, the installation will be canceled.

  • Accept the Terms and Conditions, to start the installation of the Knox container (left illus.).
  • Select a lock type (password, PIN etc.) (right illus.).
agree to Terms and Conditions, select lock type

agree to Terms and Conditions, select lock type

  • In the next step, set and confirm your Knox password (left illus.).
  • Following successful installation, your Knox container is ready (right illus.).
  • If you want to remove your Knox container from the device at a later time, tap on Reset in Cortado Knox Agent (right illus.).
creating the Knox password

creating the Knox password

  • Following a successful installation, you will have two new apps on your device, the Cortado Knox Agent and the container app from Knox (left illus.).
  • When you open the container app you will have access to all the apps your administrator has made available for you (right illus.).
Knox container and agent (left) Knox apps in the container (right)

Knox container and agent (left) Knox apps in the container (right)

Note! From Android 7.0, you can access your SD card in the Knox container via the My Files app. It is not possible to access the card when using earlier versions of Android.


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