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Cortado Server – Installation and Initial Setup

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The consumerization of IT and the growing number of various devices used in the enterprise means that cross-platform, high-performance mobile device management (MDM) is essential. The use of mobile devices in companies can only increase pro­ductivity and add optimal capacity to perform outside of traditional office settings when access to key corporate resources and comprehensive file management func­tions are guaranteed. Cortado Server is not limited just to the management of devices, but it also provides a complete solution for secure and seamless integration of tablets, smartphones and laptops in the IT enterprise. It allows for users and appli­cations to be centrally managed, along with the users’ rights, policies, profiles, cer­tificates and security settings for access to the corporate network.

The most important prerequisite for this is Cortado Server. The world’s first solu­tion to combine powerful MDM with a unique cloud-desktop approach. Whether iPad, iPhone, Android or Macs, all devices can be seam­lessly, securely and efficiently integrated into the corporate IT environment as well as be professionally managed.

Mobile application management (MAM) facilitates the management and adminis­tration of enterprise applications such as intranet and internet applications, as well as other apps. In addition apps can be recommended and cross-platform links to the respective app stores deployed to users. At the same time, employees benefit from mobile corporate access and thanks to full desktop capabilities, can work on the go with their mobile device just as productively as in a traditional office setting.

The solution is complemented by a comprehensive security concept, which ensures maximum security and control on the mobile device and during data transfer.

Thanks to Cortado Server, Apple iOS and Android users can access through their smartphones or tablets information anytime and anywhere, documents can be viewed on site, copied, printed, e-mailed or shared. A further option is the secure connection to the Cortado web app which can be established from any desktop while offering all the benefits of Cortado Server. The result is a complete solu­tion for all mobility, bring your own device (BYOD) and consumerization challenges.


typical Cortado Server environment

typical Cortado Server environment


  1. Install Cortado Server (Installation)
  2. Configure the basic settings of Cortado Server use Configuration Assistant (Initial configuration)
  3. Setup Mobile Device Management (for this, see the section for the device type: Apple and Android Enterprise
  4. Import AD groups or Import users
  5. For users or user groups: Configure access permissions (Settings), Configure file access and SharePoint (Network Drives) and Mobile printing (Printers)
  6. Provide apps to users or user groups
  7. For Mobile Device Management: Creating profiles (Profiles) and Creating policies (Policies)
  8. Establishing client certificates (optional), to additionally make the Cortado apps secure on mobile devices
  9. Embedding mobile devices
  10. Install MDM profiles, certificates and the Cortado app (see User Self Service Portal) on smartphones and tablets

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