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Setting up Cortado service account

For installation, configuration and changes in the user management, a user account with any name has to be set up with the following requirements:

  • Common domain user in Active Directory
  • Local administrator on the Cortado server

This account is hereinafter referred to as CortadoService account.
If you use Micro­soft Exchange, that account requires an Exchange mailbox for MAPI. The Network Service Account needs “Full Control” of this mailbox.

Note! Always use a separate, new account for the installation and configura­tion, and not an existing administrator account. Otherwise problems with user profiles may result (especially when using Windows Server 2012).

When using a remote SQL server: assign access rights

If you want to select an existing SQL server with Cortado Server installation, assign the privilege for creating a database to the CortadoService account before. Assign the roles dbcreator, securityad­min, serveradmin and sysadmin.

SQL-Server: Server-Rollen für den Service-Account

SQL server: server roles for the CortadoService account

As well as master with User Mapping including the role memberships db_datareader, db_datawriter and db_securityadmin.

SQL-Server: Datenbank-Rollenmitgliedschaften für den Service-Account

SQL server: database role memberships for the CortadoSer­vice account

With multiple domains: Activating group policy

The Cortado server automatically carries out all actions on behalf of the smartphone users in their user contexts. Therefore, the group policy Log on as a batch job will be activated for all users (the domain specified during installation) of Cortado Server. If you have multiple domains, activate the group policy for those domain users groups on the Cortado server at Start→ Control Panel→ Administrative Tools→ Local Security Policy.

Cortado server: Domain User der Gruppenrichtlinie Log on as a batch job hinzufügen

Cortado server: Adding Domain Users to the Log on as a batch job policy

Install Fax Service (optional)

If the fax option is to be made available to users of iOS devices, Windows Fax Services (and a compatible modem) must be installed on the Cortado server.

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