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Access to your company drives

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Accessing folders and files

Via Cortado (upper arrow in illus.) in Windows Explorer, you now have access to all company drives (lower arrow in illus.), that your administrator has made available to you. Additionally all projects of which you are a participant are listed (middle arrow in illus.).

Cortado Workplace im Windows Explorer

Cortado Workplace in the Windows Explorer

  • By clicking on a drive (lower arrow in illus.), you can access your stored files and folders.
  • By clicking on a folder you can navigate to any existing subfolders or files.

Opening and editing files

To open files, there needs to be an application installed on your computer which will allow files of the relevant file format to be opened and edited. If you want to open a .docx file, you will need Microsoft Word, for example.

  • Double click to open the file.
  • You can now edit the file and then save it. In doing so, your changes will be restored to the company server.

Note! Deletion of images opened, for example, in Windows Photo Viewer will not be supported by Cortado Workplace.

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