Android devices

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Embedding Android devices in Cortado MDM is firstly dependent on whether you are dealing with the users´ privately-owned devices or company-owned devices.

For private devices it is possible to configure a work profile that will be managed via the Cortado MDM. The user can download an MDM profile for the configuration in the User Self Service Portal.

Company-owned devices, on the other hand, can be fully managed. Various options are available for the device configuration or enrollment. The most convenient of these is to use the Android Zero-touch. For this, the management console can be employed to quickly and easily configure the devices, with no user interaction required. In addition, Google offers the NFC method, the QR code method and the Identifier method as further configuration options.

You then have the choice whether you download the MDM profile yourself (Fast Enrollment) or if the user (User Self Service Portal) should do so.

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