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Embedding private devices (BYOD)

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Android Enterprise work profile

You can make a work profile available to your Android users on their Android devices. This embedding method is primarily intended for devices that are privately owned by the users. A clear separation exists here between the work profile and the privately used area on the device.  As administrator, you only have access to the work profile, but not to the private part of the device.

The work profile is visually well differentiated from the user´s private area. All work apps are identifiable by a briefcase icon (left illus.). The work profile can be disabled at any time by the users themselves (middle illus.). Additionally, the user can personally decide whether the location of the device may be determined, or not (right illus.).

work profile on an Android device

work profile on an Android device

The user can configure the device themselves. For this, they must log in to the User Self Service Portal and download the MDM profile. Alternatively, you can configure the work profile together with the user, in the management console (Fast Enrollment).

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