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Downloading MDM profile

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Without user interaction (Fast Enrollment)

If you want to configure your users’ mobile devices yourself, you have the convenient Fast Enrollment option available. This solution allows you to set up the devices, with­out knowing the user passwords. You can integrate mobile devices with just a few clicks into the corporate IT environment – without requiring user interaction. Time-consuming help desk calls while setting up devices are no longer an issue.

Use Fast Enrollment in the Management Console via Control Panel→ Users or Control Panel→ Group Templates.

  • Select one or more users or a group of users (upper arrow in illus.).
  • Then click on Fast Enrollment (lower arrow in illus.).
select Fast Enrollment, to configure the user devices

select Fast Enrollment, to configure the user devices

  • Now select what kind of devices you want to configure. The following options are available:
    • iOS
    • Android Work Profile (BYOD)
    • Android Work Managed Device (COBO)

Note! Before you can use the Fast Enrollment for a fully managed Android device (Work Managed Device), the device must be reset to factory default settings and be preconfigured. Proceed with this as described in Embedding company devices.

select MDM platform

select MDM platform

  • A dialog opens for the first selected user. Scan the QR code with the user’s device or enter the displayed URL onto the device. The URL remains valid for 15 minutes.
scan QR code

scan QR code

  • You will arrive at the user’s User Self Service Portal on the mobile device and can configure the MDM profile in the First Steps Wizard.
  • Once you have carried out the configuration on that device, click on Next in the Fast Enrollment dialog, to configure the next device.

Note: If the URL expires before you configure the device, you can request a new URL by clicking again on Fast Enrollment.

User configures his device himself

The users can configure there devices themselves. They automatically receive a welcome email for this after the user import (see section E-Mail Settings). Users will find all the required information in this email. With this email, users can log in to the User Self Service Portal and use the First Steps Wizard there to download the MDM profile and carry out the configuration.

The welcome email template contains:

Welcome e-mail (example on the iPod touch)

Welcome e-mail (example on the iPod touch)

If you want to change the sender of the welcome email, click on click on E-mail Settings under Control Panel→ Global Settings→ Mail→ Configure→ E-mail Settings. Then proceed as described in the section E-Mail Settings. You can also edit the text field of the email template there. If you don’t change the sender, the virtual email address cortado@cortado.local will be used to send the welcome email.

Under Control Panel Users Send E-mail (right arrow in illus.) you can send the email again at any time to a previously selected user (left arrow in illus.).

resending welcome email

resending welcome email

This method is primarily intended for users with private devices (BYOD – Bring Your Own Device).

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