Cortado Server – Manual

Global Settings

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In the management console, under Control Panel→ Global Settings you will find a column of information about the Cortado server and you can carry out a range of settings in the respective tabs:


Under Details you can find important information about the Cortado server: if it’s ready to use, if a connection exist to the Active Directory user manage­ment, which license type is installed and how many user licenses are available.

Global Settings: Details

Global Settings: Details


Under Control Panel→ Global Settings→ Connection the connection settings are shown: for external connections (e. g. GPRS or HSCSD) and for internal connections (e. g. LAN or Wi-Fi). Please note: The Cortado server address is a part of the server certificate of the Cortado server. Encrypted connections must be established with the same address syntax – hostname, FQDN or IP address – to avoid certificate errors and thus connection errors. For the Cortado-Apps this is done automat­ically using their configuration file (with .tpm extension) which is downloaded from the User Self Service Portal.

Global Settings: Connections

Global Settings: Connections

These settings can be changed using the Configuration Assistant. On this, see the section Connection settings.

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