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Configure Virtual Data Rooms (Sharing)

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Setting up Sharing

This option enables users to share files both within and outside the company. If a recipient outside the company is addressed, Cortado Server automatically creates a copy of the file on the proxy server in the DMZ. Recipients not belonging to the com­pany do not have access to this copy. The corporate network with the original file remains inaccessible from the outside. The proxy server must be configured accord­ingly for this purpose.

Note! To be able to share files with recipients outside the organization, you need specific user licenses on the proxy server (CCPU or CLPU, see the section Overview of License Manager). Each internal user who participates in a project that is shared with external receivers consumes one user license. One license per internal user is the maximum required, regardless of the number of proj­ects.

  • Install and configure the Software Cortado Proxy Extension.exe software on your proxy server and make the appropriate settings on the Cortado server (see sec­tion Install proxy server).
  • Then open Global Settings→ Sharing→ Configure and set checkbox Enable sharing.
  • Make the following settings:
    • Share server URL: Enter the URL for the proxy server, incl. TCP port, here.
    • Share server admin account: Enter the name of the local administrator account that you used for the installation of the Cortado Proxy Extension on the proxy server (see the section Install proxy server).
    • Password: Enter the corresponding password here.
    • Internal email address patterns: Enter the in-house email address patterns here. Then, when sharing internally, the shared files will be saved on the Cor­tado server and not on the proxy server.
Enable sharing

Enable sharing

Note! Problems may occasionally be encountered on some Android models when sharing files with internal recipients. In case of any problems, please contact our consulting team.

Disabling Sharing for users

Use of the Sharing option (i.e. creating projects to share files) is enabled by default for all users.

  • If you want to withdraw this option for a user (or a group), select the user (or the group) under Control Panel→ Users (or Groups).
  • Then select Settings→ Edit→ Trusted Devices (or Untrusted Devices) and remove the check from the Projects checkbox (upper arrow in illus.) (also see the section Configure access permissions (Settings)).
  • If you only want to prevent external recipients being invited to the projects, then just remove the check from the External recipients checkbox (lower arrow in illus.).
Users/groups Sharing options allow/disallow

Users/groups Sharing options allow/disallow

Change Project Owner

If necessary, the owner of a project can be changed, for example, if they leave the company, but the project is to be continued.

  • To do so, under Control Panel→ Users select the owner of the projects that are to be transferred to a new user (left arrow in illus.) and then select Change Project Owner (right arrow in illus.).
transferring ownership of projects

transferring ownership of projects

  • Next, select the projects which are to receive a new owner (left arrow in illus.).
  • Then select the new owner and click on Change Owner to confirm (right arrow in illus.).
selecting the project and the new owner

selecting the project and the new owner

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