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You can get an overview here of all the Cortado server settings that are relevant to Mobile Device Management.

Global Settings: MDM overview

Global Settings: MDM overview

  • Then choose:


  • In the General tab you can decide which device or client types are allowed to access corporate data using the Cortado app, the Windows app or the web app.
  • MDM company name: Any text which will be shown during the MDM profile installation on iOS devices (must not remain empty).
Global Settings: MDM→ General

Global Settings: MDM→ General

Note! The Cortado Corporate Sync option and Other devices managed by ActiveSync option are currently not available. If you are interested in using it, please let us know through the contact form on our website.

SCEP Server

During the installation of Cortado Server, a certificate authority that uses the Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP) was established on the Cortado server. This ensures that certificates for those mobile devices managed with Mobile Device Man­agement are requested and issued automatically. You can use these self-generated certificates for a proof of concept.

Use self-generated certificates

If you want to use the certificates self-generated by the Cortado server, then you don’t need to make any further changes to the settings in the management console.

These correspond to the default settings under: SCEP Server→ Use self cre­ated certificates.

Use self-created certificates

Use self-created certificates

Use SCEP server

However, for a production environment, we recommend using a separate SCEP server.

  • In the management console select: Control Panel→ Global Settings→ MDM→ Configure→ SCEP Server→ Use SCEP server.
enter SCEP server in the management console

enter SCEP server in the management console

  • SCEP server URL: Enter here the URL for mscep.dll in the newly installed SCEP server: http:// SCEP_server_address / certsrv / mscep / mscep.dll (example for Microsoft SCEP server: http:// / certsrv / mscep / mscep.dll)
  • SCEP server challenge URL: Enter here the URL, from which the challenge password will be read: http://< SCEP_server_address>/certsrv/mscep_admin (example:
  • SCEP server challenge pattern: This is the search pattern for reading the challenge password. With Windows SCEP servers keep the default value.
  • SCEP issuer thumbprint: This is the SCEP server’s CA certificate thumbprint – necessary for Android MDM.
  • Confirm with OK.

Note! Please verify that the root certificate of the SCEP server is located in the container Certificates (Locale Computer)→ Trusted Root Certification Authorities of the Cortado server.

Android MDM

Here you can configure the MDM for Android Enterprise. Please find all necessary information in section Configure Android Enterprise.

Android Enterprise

Configure Android Enterprise


In the Others tab, you can:

  • Enable iOS Printing Support for iOS users,
  • If necessary, you can set up ActiveSync here. If you check this box, you will enable Cortado users who were not allowed to do so previously to receive e-mails on their mobile devices. By deactivating users for Cortado Server, the users will not be able to receive e-mails on their mobile devices any longer.
  • Set up the path to the User Storage – the root directory of Cortado Server. The user directories are located therein (default: c:\User Storage). Within these directories various standard folders for each user are located, e. g., My Documents as well as the links for shared folders on the com­pany network located for each user.

Note! If you change the path to the user storage, the existing user directories defined here will be lost.

  • iOS Document Provider upload interval: Specify the interval (in seconds), in which files edited on an iOS device (e.g.: in Pages) should be saved back to the Cortado Server. (You can find more information on Document Provider in the user guide for iOS devices).
Global Settings: MDM→ Others

Global Settings: MDM→ Others

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