Cortado Server – Manual

Import and manage users or groups

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The group administration of the Cortado Server integrates seamlessly into the Active Directory (AD). The aim is to provide uniform management of AD groups, reduce the administration load, and thereby also ensure a clear overview. Thanks to Active Directory integration, all existing user rights on the corporate network, including those for remote access, are carried over via Cortado Server. To enable user groups from Active Directory (AD) quick and easy access to Cortado Server, it is recom­mended to create group templates. Any AD group can be assigned directly to a tem­plate.

Thereby, potential conflicts due to classification of hierarchies of templates are avoided. Regardless of this, specific rights can still be assigned to individual users – as well, changes can be made to the templates, for new users only, or for all existing users. In addition to the initial registration of a user, the templates will also be applied on the import of one or more users. If a user is imported who is not in any AD group (for which a template already exists), then the Default User Template will be applied to him.

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