Import and manage users or groups

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Start by setting up a groupe template, if you want to join up a number of users into a group. This makes sense if multiple devices/users will receive the same configuration. Later, this will allow you to configure all the users in a user group at one time, rather than each one separately.

You can also assign an individual user to several groups. In that case, you can establish a hierarchy to determine the priority of your templates. Additionally, you can retrospectively apply a group template to previously imported users by using the rollout option.

There are a number of possible ways to import users. By entering an LDAP path, you can select the users directly from the Active Directory and add them to the management console. However, this depends on your domain controller being accessible from outside. If necessary, modifications will need to be made to the firewall for this purpose and the corresponding ports opened.

Additionally, you can import the users individually, by simply entering the user’s name, first name and email address.
Or you can use a .csv file for user import.

Note! Following the import, users will automatically have a welcome email sent to them. By using the information in this email, the users can configure their mobile devices themselves (see the section Embedding mobile devices).

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