Enter single users

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If you selected Enter single user, you can now add users individually.

  • Enter the email address, the first name and surname
  • Select the group template that you created in the previous step.
  • E-mail language: Select the language in which the e-mails are to be sent to the users.
  • Send invitation e-mail to user: Deactivate this checkbox if you don’t want the users to receive a Cortado MDM generated welcome email (see the section Embedding mobile devices). You can still send the Cortado MDM welcome email later (see the section Further options).
  • Optional password: Setting a password for the users is optional and is not necessary if you send the users the welcome email. They can use the welcome email to log themselves in and set their own passwords. If you enter an initial password here, the users can log in directly to the User Self Service Portal or set up a DEP or a zero-touch device.
  • Then click on Create.
entering user data and creating a user

entering user data and creating a user

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