Mobile Application Management (MAM)

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What is Mobile Application Management?

Mobile applications are essential to ensure user’s productivity. They allow employees to connect to corporate resources, work with documents, or collaborate with col­leagues. MAM with Cortado Server covers the entire app lifecycle – from app delivery and management, to securing, monitoring and blocking. In the next section, you will learn how you can push the apps directly to the mobile devices. All apps can now be pushed to devices as managed apps. Enterprises decide which apps they want their corporate data to interact with, and can ensure that specific individuals, business units or the entire enterprise have an essential set of apps to work with.

Furthermore you can provide links to web sites (e.g. to an App store), from which users can download apps. Users can find the apps and links to the apps in the User Self Service Portal via the mobile device’s browser. There they can download the pro­vided apps on their devices.

The company chooses which iOS apps and accounts route their data through the corporate VPN tunnel. This results in a range of advantages – less bandwidth require­ments are necessary, plus with an effective and easy-to-use VPN connection avail­able for users, corporate data is transmitted far more securely. This covers corporate use, allowing employees to continue to use iOS apps such as YouTube, Skype, Vine or Spotify for personal use, without any impact on enterprise data plans, or corporate security.

What are managed apps?

Managed apps are apps that will be used for business purposes only. They are man­aged by Cortado. You can select these apps yourself and quickly and easily push them onto the devices used in the company. No additional installation steps are required by users. Thus, important applications are made available wirelessly and without fuss. Moreover, you can always delete the managed apps again from the devices. Thus, you retain full control over the applications, their users and the data being used. Managed apps are available for iOS and macOS devices and via Android Enterprise managed devices.

On iOS devices, a secure business container is set up to administer managed apps. Cortado makes it pos­sible to specify which apps can be used for opening and sharing business data. Then, when users import or export files in other apps, they will only be offered the managed apps. So uncontrolled downloading of company data in unmanaged apps, or even in the cloud, will be prevented. Further information on setting up a secure Business Container, with managed apps and managed domains, protected by a per-app VPN, can be found in our White Paper: The Secure Business Container.

On devices that are administered using Android Enterprise, you have the choice to either set up a work profile in which the managed apps are administered or to admi­nister the whole device (incl. all apps).

Example for managed apps (left and middle: iOS; right: Android enterprise with a work profile)

Example for managed apps (left and middle: iOS; right: Android enterprise with a work profile)

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