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Managed Domains

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Create Managed Domains profile for iOS

You can set here that only documents from web pages you specify as safe can be loaded into the secure app container. These documents can then be opened in Man­aged Apps in the secure app container using the Open-In menu (see the section iOS Business Container). Additionally, you can specify secure e-mail domains here.

Note! This option is not available for devices that have been embedded via User Enrollment.

  • Choose Managed Domains as the profile that you want to add. The following dialogue will open:
Configure Managed Domains

Configure Managed Domains

Now make the following settings:

  • Profile name: Enter any name for the profile here. This will be displayed in the management console.
  • Display name: The profile will be displayed under this name on the mobile device, as part of the MDM profile.
  • VPN profile for Safari Domains: You can specify here whether a VPN connec­tion should be established automatically when opening the Managed Web domain in the Safari browser. To do this, you must firstly set up a VPN-Profil (see section VPN). This can then be selected from here. Note that the checkbox Use for Safari Domains must not be set for the selected VPN profile.
  • Managed Web Domains: Enter in the domain names here that you consider safe. Documents downloaded from these websites, can then be opened in managed apps (see section What are managed apps?). Pay close attention to the spelling.
  • Managed E-Mail-Domains: Enter in here e-mail domains that you consider safe (e.g. your firm’s e-mail domain). If an e-mail is sent to an e-mail domain that is not classified as safe, the user will receive a warning message.
  • Confirm your entries by clicking on OK. The new profile will then be created twice. Once as a VPN profile and once more as a Managed Domains profile. This allows you later on, to change or delete the VPN profile you’re using, without the need for a new VPN profile to be created for the Managed Domains.
Profile: Managed Domains - overview

Profile: Managed Domains – overview

You’ll find out here how to distribute the new profile (see section Assign profile).

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