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Reset passcode

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Note! This option is not available for Apple devices that have been embedded via User Enrollment.

  • In the Management Console under Control Panel→ Devices select a device (left arrow in illus.).
  • Then click on Reset Passcode (right arrow in illus.).
reset passcode

reset passcode

iOS: If a user forgets the passcode for his iOS device, you can remove it by clicking on Reset Passcode. After that, the device can be used without a passcode.

Android – work profile: Assign a (new) passcode for the work profile. Subsequently, when the user opens an app that is part of the work profile, she will be requested to enter the (new) passcode.

Android – fully managed: If users forget the device passcode, you can set a new passcode (PIN) for the entire Android device.

set a new passcode (only for Android Enterprise)

set a new passcode (only for Android Enterprise)

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