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Delete a device from the console

Select a device (left arrow in illus.) and click on Remove (right arrow in illus.), to delete a device from the console. On devices with a work profile, the MDM profile will consequently be deleted from the device.  Fully-managed devices will be reset and removed from the console. This process may take a few minutes. Please be patient and do not press the Remove button several times in succession. This can lead to errors.

Hinweis! For fully managed devices, check that the Factory reset option is available on the devices (option not grayed out). If necessary, remove an existing policy that prohibits resetting to factory defaults.

remove device from the console

remove device from the console

Change display name

You can use this option to change the display name of the device.

  • Select a device (upper arrow in illus.) and then click on Set Device Name (lower arrow in illus.).
  • Enter a new name for the device.
set new device name

set new device name

  • The new device name will then be displayed in the console.
new device name in the console

new device name in the console

  • You can also select multiple devices and use one of the variables for renaming.
  • On iOS devices in Supervised Mode the name will also be changed in the device itself.

Merge duplicate devices

This option lets you merge devices that are displayed multiple times. If a device shows two listings, for example if a user has run the configuration twice, you can checkmark both devices (left arrows in illus.) and merge them with (right arrow in illus.), so the device is again displayed only once in the list.

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