Cortado Server – Manual

Mobile Printing (Printers)

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You can use Cortado Server to provide network and Wi-Fi printers for your Android and iOS users. With the Cortado app, a user can access images and files that have been saved locally to the mobile device and then print them out. Users of the web app can also use the network printers.

In addition, all network printers will be available in any Android or iOS app that offers a printing function. This means that all network printers will function as native Android or iOS printers and can therefore be used even in situations where the users find themselves outside of the corporate network. This furthermore eliminates any need to purchase special printers that support native iOS printing.

The package is rounded off with Personal Printing, a security feature integrated into Cortado Server, whereby only users who can appropriately authenticate themselves at the printer are permitted to receive the print job. So printouts from network printers (that are accessible to many employees) are prevented from falling into the wrong hands.


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