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Smart Filing

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Smart Filing allows multiple users to edit files simultaneously and track the changes.

  • As soon as you have restored your file, as described in the section Restoring files, a new version of the file is created in the Cortado app.
  • If, in the meantime, another user has also edited the same file, an additional version of the file will be created.
  • If you open the file in your corporate directory, you can display all existing ver­sions.
  • To do so, tap below on the right, on the clock button (arrow in illus.).
Display all versions

Display all versions

  • If you want to edit an older version, tap on it and create a copy using Save copy at the bottom left.
  • The copy is then included in the destination folder and can be edited.
  • If you wish to delete an older version, tap o Delete version at the bottom right.
Save or delete older copy

Save or delete older copy

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